Is there a presentation meeting?

Because the Academy includes international faculty and artists from many different regions, we are unable to organize a meeting before the course. We hope that the information on this site, the FAQ page, our Facebook page, the testimonials of former students and the newspaper articles will give you a good idea of our summer activities in Mirecourt.

Musical Activities

All students, whether amateurs and pre-professionals, work daily contact with our team of dedicated teachers.

How are the chamber music groups and the string orchestras organised?
When we have received your registration form, we will send you an instrumental questionnaire, in order to asses your level and to better understand your objectives. Based on this information, during the month of June our faculty will meet in order to organise the groups.

Are there individual lessons?
Lessons or Technique workshops with our experienced faculty may be individual or in groups.

I have a DEM or Grade 8 diploma. Can I prepare an exam or competition with one of the teachers?
We are delighted to use our experience in order to aid students to achieve their goals!

I am an amateur, how will I fit in the group?
Filling out the instrumental questionnaire in detail helps us to organise the chamber music groups to everyone’s satisfaction.

Are there practice rooms?
The campus is large and there is plenty of room.

Will I participate in a concert?
Yes, there is a final concert where all the students perform what they have worked on during the course.

Lutherie activities

The truly unique feature of this academy is the fact that it takes place in Mirecourt… the mythical city of the ancient tradition of French instrument and bow making, renowned since the 17th century! Every day in Mirecourt will bring new encounters with luthiers, visits to ateliers or excursions to museums and historical sites related to the art of instrument manufacture.

Must I pay for the cultural excursions and visits to ateliers?
No, all activities are included in the course fee.

Can I rent an instrument in Mirecourt?
Yes, go to the Page Partenaires Luthiers to contact them directly.
During the course would it be possible to have my instrument repaired or to have my bow re-haired?
The Academy does not have commercial relations with professionals luthiers, but the complete list is on the Page Partenaires Luthiers. You may contact them directly!

I am interested in becoming a luthier. Will I be making an instrument at the Academy?
Becoming a luthier is a lengthy and highly specialized profession, which has been taught at the National School for Lutherie in Mirecourt for many generations. Your stay in Mirecourt, where you will visit the historical sites, present-day ateliers, and where you will meet master luthiers will be an exceptional and inspiring week of discovery.

Do I need a music stand, or an endpin stopper?
Yes, labelled with your name.

Can I bring my own music?
Yes, marked with your name.

Does the Academy provide music and scores?
Yes, there is a small music library
Please don’t forget a pencil case, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, tape and a folder for music.

Do I need special clothes for the concert?
Dark skirt or trousers and a colored or white shirt.


Accommodation in the Internat Lycée Internat Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

The accommodation for minors, and all the activities is in compliance with DDCS regulations. The Lycée Internat J. B. Vuillaume is a modern building. Each room has 4 single beds, 4 closets, tables, and a semi-closed facility with sinks. There are multiple bathrooms and showers placed on each floor for the comfort of all.

How are the students placed in their rooms?
Boys and girls are on different floors. Minors are four to a room, and adults are in rooms of two or three.

Must I bring sheets and towels?
Yes. A pillow and light blanket, or sleeping bag is also recommended.

Where are the meals?
Meals are in the canteen, on the closed campus of the Internat Lycée.

What time are the meals?
Breakfast starting at 8:00, lunch at 12:30, dinner at 19:30.
Dietary restrictions: Please tell us about any food allergies, intolerances or other dietary restrictions that you may have when you register. We will transmit all this information to our caterer. The caterer can provide a vegetarian meal option. However they cannot provide meals for every type of diet, so if you have a lactose allergy we recommend that you bring bottles of your preferred drink (i.e. almond milk, etc. ) If you are gluten free, we recommend that you bring your favorite bread substitute.

How will I know about the schedule and planned activities?
The schedule will be posted on the wall in the entrance of the Lycée Internat, and you can also ask the staff.


I’m coming by car, when should I arrive?
At the welcoming snack on July 8 mid- afternoon.

I chose to come with the Academy bus from Paris, whem should I pay?
At registraton, but if you are not sure yet, at the latest when you get on the bus!

Do I have to pay for the transportation of my cello or double bass?
No, the Academy does not charge extra fees for large instruments.


When do the musical activities start?
Mid afternoon ( around 4:00) July 8 , after room distribution. Everyone will gather for a welcoming snack, get to know each other, find old friends, meet the faculty and staff, have a tour of the campus grounds, and then … Music! What could be better than a Tutti orchestral sight-reading session in the auditorium of the Lycée!

How is the day organized?
Music is the central activity, an agreeable balance of rehearsals, excursions and moments of relaxation, including an afternoon snack outdoors, and indoor and outdoor activities with the counselors (all of whom have BAFA diplomas).

And in the evening?
Group games are organised, and very often impromptu musical groups gather together to share in the fun of discovering new scores.

What time is bedtime?

For minors, bedtime depends on their age group. The days are busy!

During the course, how do the students find out about the activities and rehearsals, and rehearsal and practice rooms?
Schedules and information are posted on the walls of the Lycée entrance, and one can also ask counselors and teachers.

When does the Academy finish?
With many wonderful memories, on 15 July after a buffet lunch … better have your pocket handkerchiefs ready! The bus for Paris leaves after lunch.

Financial details
Will I receive an receipt?
An receipt will be sent after all payments are completed.

Financial aid

Do you provide an estimate for my employer or other business or aid organization?
Yes, contact us

Can I pay with several checks?
The association A. M. I. does not receive any private or public funding. HOWEVER after studying your case we might accord the possibility of payment in two installments. Contact us


Family emergencies

I have a family emergency and I must contact the Academy, do you have a telephone number?
The Academy will provide a direct contact cell phone number starting on July 8
In urgent situations you can contact us directly with this number.

Medical Emergencies

There are many medical and rescue services in Mirecourt (pharmacies, doctors’ offices, fire brigade and a hospital) For minors (under eighteen years of age) the medical form is INDISPENSABLE. Please download it from our site. The Academy staff is also equipped with a first-aid kit.

Internal rules and regulations

These regulations must be signed by the student or his or her parent or legal guardian and returned to us. These include respecting the premises, respecting the security rules and the smooth functioning of the course. Any lack of good behaviour will be sanctioned with a warning and the student will be expelled immediately at his or her own cost and with no reimbursement.